Photoshop Action Set – Ashley McNamara – San Diego Photographer

So here they are. My custom actions. We’ve all been there, processing away, getting frustrated with skin tones that are over saturated and working with actions that aren’t adjustable. So I started making actions on my own.

These are the actions I use on my own photographs. I have had awesome testers, as well as hundreds of satisfied customers, and everyone loves them… especially since everything is super adjustable.

Two of my favorite actions
(mouse over images for before and after)

I thought I would share two of my favorite actions – Vintage Haze and Colorlicious.

Just a little side note. I now have a flickr group for sharing your photos using my actions.

I would so love to see what you come up with!

Ashleys Actions Flickr Group

The entire collection for just $45.00

Ashley’s action set is a set of 30 fully customizable actions for Photoshop

Included in your purchase:

– 2 color pop actions for that extra punch of color

– 5  black and white actions that can give you a variety of different looks from a light black and white to a dark black and white and I also have some tinted black and whites.

– 4 cross processing actions

– 6 vintage/haze actions These actions can give you that soft dreamy look or a vintage feel depending on how you adjust the layers

– 1 paint with light action

And  a variety of other useful goodies such as:
– add light
– add contrast
– enhance
– resize for web
– and border actions.

Update – Action Mixing

Actions are a lot of fun by themselves but you can also mix them!! I wanted to share an example of what you can do mixing actions.

On this photo I used Colorlicious and I took the opacity of the hue/saturation layer down to 0%, I flattened and then used vintage/haze 4.

I brought the opacity of the lighten up layer down to 20% (this will vary by photo) Then on the first channel mixer layer I brought the opacity down to 30% and flattened. I then ran the soft cross process action and brought each layer’s opacity to 30% and flattened.

Free Action

free action

Another giveaway but this time EVERYONE gets it! For those of you who already have my actions this is for you too because this action is NOT in your pack.

Today your getting my Vintage action! 🙂



From the Ashley’s Actions Flickr Group

I would like to also share some awesome photos processed using my actions. Its so much fun to see everyones plays so keep them coming!

Photo by Erin Palos (Sweet Baby Photo

Action Used: Vintage/Haze

Erin Palos - Vintage/Haze

Photo By Ingrid Kaslik

Action Used:Vintage/haze

Ingrid Kaslik - Vintage / Haze

Photo By Ginette Stauder

Action Used: Vintage/Haze

Ginette Stauder

Photo By Kristin Brown

Action Used: Colorlicious, paint with light, and contrast boost

Kristin Brown - Colorlicious, Paint With Light

Ashleys Photoshop Actions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run the actions?


1. Download the file to your actions folder

2. Load the action into the actions palette using the Actions palette menu and select Load Actions, navigate and select the action

3. Once loaded press “play” to use the action.

Will your actions work in photoshop elements?
No. The actions were created in CS3 and only work with full versions of Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 and PS7*
*in ps7 the border actions will not work

How long will it take to get my actions?
Once your payment has cleared,  you will recieve your actions within 24 hours.
If you have not recieved your actions within 24 hours please check your spam folder.

Do you use your actions to process your pictures?

Your buttons are not working. Where can I PAYPAL?