Annabelly – Ashley McNamara – San Diego Photographer

Meet Matt and Holly  Linden a beautiful couple pregnant with their first baby, a little girl named Annabelle.

I received an email from a friend of Matt’s she wanted to set up a shoot but was not sure if Matt and Holly would be up for it, she told me their story and it brought me to tears. I immediately offered to do the shoot for free.

Matt and Holly have been married for 16 years, “we were the first of all of our friends to get married and the last to have children.” Matt said. 

Half way through Holly’s pregnancy they were given some sad news…their little Annabelle has a severe form of Spina Bifida, their neurosurgeon  has only seen one case as severe and the baby lived for only 4 hours outside the womb.

Holly and Matt will have their precious baby girl on Aug 16th..say a prayer, send some positive thoughts, and hugs. They are so strong and love each other so much but I am sure they appreciate the prayers.  

You can read more about Annabelle HERE! AND HERE! SUPER BIG THANKS to my good friend Kristin who went on this shoot with me..I so appreciate you girl!!


  • Matt

    Thank you so much Ashley and Kristin! It was an evening we will never forget! Keep up the fantastic work – we cannot recommend you guys highly enough!

  • Jonathan

    These photos truly capture this amazing couple-wow!

  • Gorgeous photos, I love you guys =)

  • These are wonderful, Ashley! You really captured the love between them.

  • Holly

    You are such a talented artists, and we can’t thank you enough for one of the most special evenings ever!!! We love you!

  • That was nice of you Ashley. They turned out great.

  • Sean Day

    Amazing. Wonderful subjects, beautiful light, brilliant shots.

  • Rita

    These are beautiful images. I’m moved to tears, comfort and inspiration by these photos. Thank you ladies for the offerings of your talents for this wonderful family.

  • Ashley you and Kristin really did a lovely job for this couple. I’m praying for them and Annabelle.

  • Wendy

    Ashley & Kristin – you are amazing photographers!! These photographs have beautifully captured the love that this wonderful family shares. Thank you for sharing such a precious gift with everyone who cares so deeply for this family. You are a blessing!

  • I wish them all the very best.. what a beautiful thing to have photographed them, images I’m sure they cherish!

  • keeping Matt and Holly in my thoughts…perhaps Annabelle will be one of those little miracles that beats all of the odds….they are such a beautiful couple

  • Holly

    Thank you Kristi! That is what we are praying our hearts out for!! Thank you so much.

  • Great job…and such a touching story. I would hate to think the road will go this way, but I’m a part of NILMDTS, so if they are interested, I’d be honored to help. My prayers are with them.

  • Kim Oates

    Oh My Goodness, I am goosebumps head to toe.

  • This was so much fun! Thanks again for inviting me!!! Your pictures are greatness girl.

  • what a beautiful and courageous couple – I will keep them and Annabelle in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Ashley these are beyond gorgeous. You and Kristin did a beautiful job. I just spent some time on Matt and Holly’s website, reading and eventually being moved to tears. I will keep them in my prayers. Thanks for sharing.

  • they will treasure these images forever. They absolutely stunning and they will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  • These are beautiful. The colors are pheneomenal. Such a beautful mom to be. That first one would hang BIG in my house!!

  • Oh and forgot to add…my heart goes out to them. Prayers sent. They have such a touching story.

  • Ashley! These are all so great! Love him kissing her belly by the pier!
    I’ll be down in SD again next week – it would be fun if we could hang out again!

    jen 🙂

  • Holli

    wow, simply amazing beach maternity!

  • I recently found your blog, but this post makes me want to comment. Your work is beautiful, and this story just touched me. The images are so precious and powerful. I will be thinking of this couple and little Annabelle.

  • Im over here in tears too. This is heart breaking, they will definately be in my thoughts and prayers. This last shot is especially breathtaking!

  • WOW! Stunning. These are just gorgeous!

  • That is so sad, what beautiful images though. A treasure for them I am sure.

  • These are sooooooooooo completely beautiful. I’m so sad about their story, I hope they get a miracle!

  • A really new INSTANT fan!! This is one of the best maternity sessions I have ever seen, you so rocked it woman.

    I sure hope they got a few canvases of these, it would be a crime if they didn’t.

  • totally made me well up just now. wow. makes the MAGICAL shots you got of them that much more powerful.

  • I will pray for them and little Annabelle. I’m hoping for a miracle.
    You and Kristin did a fabulous job.

  • Ashley – my daughter’s name is Annabelle, so this instantly caught my eye! I am so happy you captured this time for them! You did a beautiful job and I will pray for this precious baby with such a special name!

  • I will have this sweet couple in my prayers for sure! What a blessing it must have been for them to have you do these amazing pictures for them! So amazing! You did an amazing job!

  • nana Meares

    Holly. Matt, and Annabelle have been in Papa’s and my prayers non-stop..The pictures are so stunning..What a wonderful friend you are for them

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