Child Photographer – Zavi and Jakai – Ashley McNamara – San Diego Photographer

It has been a long and busy couple of months and I have been not so patiently waiting to process pictures from my trip to Raleigh, NC 

I was there for my good friend Marie Cox  who was going into surgery to have a hysterectomy.. CANCER SUCKS!  I wanted to be  there to help out, entertain the kids, and eat boberry biscuits ummmmmmm biscuits.. Did I just type that? 

While I was there I took some pictures of Marie’s awesome albeit big headed children minus the oldest Tayvonne who wouldn’t dare be photographed, I’ll get you next time Tay.. I was there for 5 days [I think] and I took 1600 pictures 90% of them were of Zavia that girl is my muse.. I love her. 

Here are some pictures from my trip and this is what  3000 in a plane looks like..




Jakai, I miss your cute and cuddly self.

Within the first 5 seconds I was in the door Jakai was hanging on my leg and every morning he would sit in my lap and play with my hair.


Zavia, I miss your sweet dance moves.

Zavia is a self proclaimed diva. While Jakai was fixing my hair, Zavia was listening to music on my laptop or begging me to take video of her dancing… err… I mean make music videos.







Raleigh was a good time.. I did a couple of shoots while I was there  one with the awesome Heather Love and had some super BBQ at The Pit [check it out] with my friend Gretchen Mathison, thanks everyone for showing me an awesome time and thanks Marie for letting me crash your house.

  • Ashley, these are amazingly beautiful… I love them. You captured their personalities beautifully 🙂

  • These kids are gorgeous! Love the way you captured them!

  • Girl, you are an awesome friend and well, these photos are just gorgeous. You did an amazing job capturing Marie’s gorgeous kids, these are stunning!! xoxo

  • Oh my gooooooodness her kids are gorgeous, just like their mama. My favorite is the one of her laying on the grass staring up at you.

  • what a wonderful friend you are. i hope marie is doing well and good lord does she have beautiful kiddos!

  • what cuties!!!

  • Oh my gosh, they are such BEAUTIFUL children! Great work!

  • wow they are absolutely gorgeous, beautiful beautiful work here girl, you rock!

  • g


  • Those are some rocking photos – that girl is just unbelievably gorgeous…muse is right.

    Ashely, I’ve been out of the loop and had NO idea about Marie. How horrible. How is she?


  • My babies!!! I love these…my fav of Z is that last one and I love the set of Jakai…where is the video??

    Love ya!

  • Beautiful and fun loving images!

  • awesome session ashley!! they are so cute! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness. These children are beyond gorgeous, and you captured them with such a light. What a gift for their mother–what a gift for your friend. Such love. You’re amazing, Ashley!

  • Haha…biscuits! These pictures are awesome Ashley! Marie’s kids are beautiful!

  • DSR

    What a gorgeous girl! And what a great session! I love these pictures, especially the last one!

  • no way…I haven’t seen them in about year…they grew up! =( But still cute as buttons!!!

  • beautiful children, gorgeous photos! wowsa, I love her hair and their smiles… beautiful!

  • They are so stinking cute!

  • So awesome that you could be there to help Marie! Love all the images you captured!

  • Alison

    Those are so beautiful of Marie’s two youngest. Love the one with the big glasses:)

  • S T U N N I N G.

  • Sweet jeebus these are gorgeous kids. Wow. Speechless. Amazing photos, Ashley! 🙂