Event Photographer – Ava’s Bash – Ashley McNamara – Danville Photographer

Ava is officially ONE!  This year went by so quick… it seems like just yesterday I was taking Ava’s newborn photos!

Sunday was the big bash and I was sooo excited because Orousha always has the best parties with help from Sam her fabulous coordinator. I always wonder how Orousha will top the last party but she always comes through. I am secretly hoping her next baby is a boy just to see what she does at his first birthday.

















  • AMAZING PARTY, beautiful photos! Is it inappropriate for me to ask u about that “sharing is caring” toolbar? What is it all about?

  • Yeah Happy First Bday Ava….Ashley I love your detail shots hun…this is adorable!

  • Sadie

    WOW! Such an extravagant party and such a wonderful collection of photos to remember it by! Great job Ash, you have such an amazing talent!

  • Desiree Hayes

    These are great, girl! Love all the pink and YUM on the food!

  • OMG how devine! What a stunning setting, beautiful babe and of course lovely pics!

  • I have never sen such a beautiful and elaborate first birthday before. You captured it well!!

  • wow, what an amazing day you captured! Beautiful birthday event they did and wonderful images of it!

  • Kristin Rachelle

    SOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super cute and fabulous~

  • Nas

    Beautiful party and great photos! That cake is awesome, and the bday girl is such a cutie!!

  • Wow! What a beautiful first Birthday Party. I love all the details you captured…….great job!!

  • These are stunning, Ashley! Great detail shots… and the exposure is perfect!! 🙂 Love all the colors (and the baaaaby!). 🙂

  • oh wow what a gorgeous birthday party, she sure is a princess!

  • Lillie Biesinger

    ASHLEY! Oh goodness are your photos beautiful. You just have some secret that makes everything you do a knotch more LOVELY than ANYTHING. Colors are amazing, skin is like pudding, do you only have cute friends with the cutest babes? I think it’s you. Amazing. I see you take the time for tutorials… so MAYBE you’d have time for a question?

    a. What lens are you using on these up-close foodie shots? Dum Dums and pretsels? I always thought the 85mm would be the trick, but I got it (only the 1.8) and the min. focal length is so far away I can’t get shots that close. Are they cropped?

    b. And what’s your fave lens? Do you use the 50mm 1.2? I’ve had that on my wish-list, saved enough money for it. But now I’m having second thoughts. Is it worth the extra $1200 (compared to the 50 1.4). WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Thank you for your tutorials and your actions and all of your beautiful images for inspiration.