Child Photographer – Ally – Ashley McNamara – Bay Area – Photographer

This is the last of my sessions as a San Diego resident and I am feeling a big nostalgic. Before I left San Diego my good friend Marie came to visit me and made me promise by penalty of a smack down to take her to my favorite beach. Marie lives on the east coast and I am not biased or anything but the California beaches kick all other beaches butts.

Marie had criteria though she wasn’t just going to shoot any ole person, she wanted to do a kid’s shoot on the beach with a surfboard kind of Roxy style. I did some digging in old client files and found Ally, who doesn’t love a redhead? We had so much fun and Ally was a good sport because it was probably the coldest I have ever been in San Diego, it was ffffreezing!

Note: For those of you asking when i’ll be back in San Diego the answer is January. I’ll be keeping everyone informed via my newsletter. If you are not a member send me an email and I will add you to the list. You can also email me to book your spot now before someone else does! 🙂








  • Great shots! What a beautiful girl, I love her freckles. 🙂

  • She is so gorgeous!

  • What a beautiful girl! I love those freckles! Great shots!

  • Nancy Blumenfeld

    Thank you! Love them all!
    Ally loves the one where she sitting on the crate and the wind is blowing best. I LOVE them all- they show a great range.
    I can’t stop looking at them. you are so talented.

  • she’s stunning! Great job on her photos.

  • These are absolutely amazing. She is just gorgeous!!! Good luck in your new hometown!

  • these are so great! she is a beauty!

  • Wow! Beautiful girl! Love all if them!

  • Beautiful – Ally and your images! Love them!

  • Ashley, I had your blog tucked far away in my blog list and my goodness why I don’t know! I forgot how much I am amazed by your work. Your photos are stunning, your subjects all perfection and beauty! Your blog is such a treat to read!

  • Those are amazing shots. Good luck settling in in your new location.

  • dsr

    Your photos are magazine-great! And what a gorgeous girl!

  • Beautiful! I love her freckles too!

  • Michele

    Oh isn’t she beautiful!! The hair, the freckles, those eyes…. Gorgeous!!!

  • these are awesome! she is so pretty!