Bay Area Photographer – Ashley McNamara

Poor neglected blog, Living in the bay is a little weird. There is a ton of rain here!  I have been spoiled by the constant sunshine in San Diego and have only had to rescheduled one shoot due to rain in the four years I lived there. Since moving here I have had to reschedule four! It’s a learning process.

On that note, I have been getting a lot of inquiries where the first question is always, “where are you located?” I want to take a moment to clear up some confusion. I am located in the Bay Area, However, I also service San Diego. I know it is a little confusing but I spend most of my time in the Bay and I fly to San Diego every 3 months for shoots.

To get things rolling in the bay area I am offering a special (check out the flyer below).  This is for bay area clients only. To book your  session email


Our fabulous new mini accordion albums. Aren’t they adorable!?


Last but not least, as promised, there will be another giveaway next week from Yubo Lunch boxes. Topher has been using his lunchbox for the last 2 weeks and I am not kidding when I say they are freaking awesome!


  • *I* want a yubo lunchbox!

  • Lindsay Sykes

    Hey, hope you penciled me in. I don’t want you double booking my shoot!
    P.S. Love the flyer!

  • What a great lunch box, that is some happy food 😉

  • Love the dinosaur sandwich, so cute!

  • First, I have to say, I grew up in the Bay Area (Danville) and have lived now in San Diego for 10 years….so I TOTALLY understand all the things you must be acclimating to! 😉 Second, I love your blog and your work! And thanks for the tip on the lunch box too…I have been desperately searching for a good one! 🙂

  • What a cool lunch box!

  • Loooooove the lunchbox! Makes me want a sandwich : ) Ha!

  • LOVE the lunchbox and the dinosaur sandwich – too cute!

  • AWESOME!!!!