Yubo Lunchboxes – Ashley McNamara – Bay Area Photographer

it’s giveaway central around these parts! What can I say? I just love hooking people up with cool stuff.

I was contacted by the founder of Yubo lunchboxes asking if I would be interested in adding these to my product line and I loved her  so much that I invited her to coffee to talk more.

At coffee we talked about how this whole luchbox idea came about.  We all go through it, our kids get their lunchboxes mixed up with friends or they leave it in their backpack and on monday it smells like rotting food… good luck getting that stink out! Not to mention plastic bag after plastic bag… sounding like an infomercial so I’ll get to the point.

All I have to say is that if you have an idea run with it. I love talking to moms in business because I am a mom in business myself. Cyndi had enough of the lunchbox drama and created the most awesome lunchbox ever.. No, I am serious, it’s the most awesome lunch box ever!

Before I came on my blog and bragged about this giveaway I wanted to make sure it was as awesome as I say it is so we have been using it religiously for about two weeks. It comes completely apart so you can pop it in the dishwasher, it has little containers inside so I can give Topher applesauce out of the jar instead of the plastic on the go packs (keeping to my green lifestyle) and there is an icepack at the bottom so it keeps everything cold. We ended up getting a robot lunchbox because that’s his thing now but when he is into dinosaurs again I can go order a dinosaur front instead of buying a whole new box. Pretty awesome stuff, folks.

Lets get to the goods, we’re giving away one Yubo lunchbox system which includes one cover of your choice. All you have to do it leave a comment in the comment box. Easy peasy!

as a bonus to the winner if you leave a comment and fan the Yubo Lunchbox fanpage on facebook you will get a drink holder along with the lunchbox!!

Contest ends Wednesday, March, 17th @ 4pm

the winner is — #17 Suzy – “These are fabulous!! My son is all about dinosaurs right now.”



  • Super cute! I would love to win one for PJ! 😀

  • these are so great! i need 4!!!!!

  • nicole

    these are AMAZING!! i wish they would have come out sooner…but still have one in 5th grade so perhaps he would love this!

  • Ashok

    Would be fun to take to work 🙂

  • I’ve had this site bookemarked for weeks – so glad to see this giveaway! They look awesome!!

  • Jen

    This is so cute and such a great idea!!! I want one for my boys!

  • These are so cute! My son is starting kindergarten this year and he would love it!

  • definitely want one of those, so cool!

  • Love this, such a cute idea! Also love that the fronts are interchangeable for the indecisive folks. 🙂

  • Love it! My kids take their lunch everyday and I’d love for them to have a fun lunchbox to put it in!

  • Keri Jackson

    These look so awesome! My daughter needs a new lunch box and this would be perfect, no more lunch baggies!

  • Oh gosh that is sooooo cool! LOVE the robot cover, soooo stinkin cute! Her lunchbox systems are the cutest I’ve seen!

  • Euciane Souza

    Awesome Ashley!
    My daughter is going to start Kindergarten an it will be awesome if she can get her little hands in one of those.To be frank I think that I will take it to my school.LOL!

  • Rhea

    these are amazing!

  • Love it!

    What a great idea!

  • So adorable! I’d love to win one!

  • Suzy

    These are fabulous!! My son is all about dinosaurs right now.

  • erin

    pretty neat – would love to win one.

  • Awesome! I would love one–well, I would share with my 6 year old!

  • WOW these lunch boxes are so cool looking. Love it!

  • Love that! Hope I win 🙂

  • those are the coolest lunch boxes ever!! sweet 🙂

  • i’m in for the lunchbox although now with four kids, I am opting out for school lunch more and more often 🙂

  • Holly N

    Woohoo! Can’t wait to try this lunchbox.

  • Jen

    Love these!

  • Love these! Fantastic Blog and photos, too! Thanks to deannahall for RT your link!

  • I want MY lunch in a Yubo! (if I win my kids may have to fight me for it : )

  • That is the coolest lunchbox! I might have to snag another one after I win this one! 😉

  • These look awesome!

  • Oh I would LOVE to win one of these for my Kindergardener!!

  • Tisha

    I love these. My niece is starting kindergarden this year and I would love to get her one.

  • What a cool product! I’m in love. 🙂

  • I became a FAN, too. Love these.

  • you are so sweet.. I love this lunch box..such a great way to go green, with six kids I am always looking for ways to conserve and help with the environment…

    I love the images of baby Brose..so gorgeous, they leave me with awesome picture envy..

  • OMG! This is the CUTEST lunch box on the planet! I want one! Cute pictures too! <3

  • We adore this super cute lunch box! Love that it’s green too.

  • So awesome and cute!!! I’d love to use that for myself!! 🙂

  • This is adorable! I need to win it!

  • Wendy G

    I swear, why they couldn’t think of a take-apart lunchbox before is beyond me. 🙂 My son would LOVE taking one to school!

  • I would LOVE to win one of those!

  • Debbie

    I love this lunchbox! We have that sandwich cutter too 🙂

  • I just bought two for two of my four daughters! I would love to win one for my other girls!!! Such an awesome product! I can’t wait to get it!

  • Emily

    i want one!

  • love these!

  • these are so amazing!

  • These are awesome, love that the front is interchangeable

  • yo! I want a nifty lunchbox

  • Super duper awesome!! love the “no baggie” idea!

  • I don’t usually think lunch boxes are anything special but these are so sweet! And I love the unique looks that they can be given!

  • These look awesome! My boys have the laptop lunches, but I am looking for something a little different for my daughter and this is perfect!