San Francisco Baby Photographer – Baby Padraic – Ashley McNamara

The cute baby blog post extravaganza continues with Padraic!

Some of you might recognize the super fabulous orange couch. We have completed a series of images for the Ramos household, three 20×20’s of Padraic in the super cute stripey hat. When it’s complete I will share a photo of the display, it’s adorable! Padraic just turned one and was possibly the most cooperative one year old I have ever photographed.. most photographers will attest to the workout that is a one year session but this one was different. He just sat and looked and I looked back astonished thinking, “When is this kid going to run away?” he didn’t. He was perfect! As always.






  • I remember the couch! Loves it! Great photographs. 🙂

  • Liz

    Hi Ashley,
    I adore your work and indeed have purchased your actions. I have been trying to learn how to make the glassy eye effect using Photoshop CS4 high pass recipe that you posted but have still been unsuccessful in it looking like your pictures above. Any suggestions?

  • Aww, I love him! So cute! I totally remember the orange couch! What a rad shoot!

  • omgosh LOVE these and that orange couch is always amazing!

  • so cute! esp. love the ones on the deck with the hoodie.

  • love LOVE these images! what a great session!!!