Family Photographer – Samuel – Ashley McNamara Photography

What a fun session! Where do I start? The kids were delightful and easily bribed by M&M’s but mostly they were excited about the shoot and had lots of ideas, most of them included various shots with stuffed animals and I adore that.. kids being kids and photographs that portray that.

The Samuel family just moved back to the bay area from North Carolina and I am excited that they chose me photograph them here in the bay.

As always, 30+ comments will get the Samuel family an awesome gift! Leave them some love.















  • Unreal EYES. Absolutely beautiful photos!!!

  • Beautiful family, beautiful images! I always love your work Ashley.

  • Just beautiful!

  • Tara

    Love these shots.

  • GORGEOUS family! And I love, love, love the trampoline shots. So creative!

  • Christy Boone

    What a beautiful family! They are truly blessed. Love the stuffed animals and silly shots! 🙂

  • wonderful family photos! The fun you all had is palpable. And I love the photos with the stuffed animals, that’s sooo cute!!
    Great work!

  • beautiful! love the one of the little girl, just below all the b/w, not your normal processing, but so perfect.

  • As always, so gorgeous!! Love the individuals of the kids too!

  • I LOVE YOUR WORK !! I’m a sport photographer hobbiest and I am dabbling in other fields and when I see work like your I can just stare at them and be in awe. Do you get your rich colors from your post work and what do you use?

  • Sativa

    #1. Dad is a ham. #2. All of those kiddos have the most beautiful blue eyes! #3. Love the fireplace. #4. Awesome as always!

  • Jonathan

    Great shots.

  • LOVE the last shot. Actually, love all the individuals of the children, they are blessed with gorgeous, gorgeous eyes! But especially the last shot!

  • Patricia B

    Three girls and a boy! You captured this family beautifully.

  • Beautiful Family!!
    love the Blue tongue!!

  • Love this! Great article, love your blog!