Newborn Photographer – Jackson – Ashley McNamara Photography

Look at those pinchable cheeks!

I tell my clients all the time that if it were not for my job I would have about 17 more kids. Just when I feel that twinge of baby fever I get to snuggle cute babies like little Jackson here.

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  • Darlene de Guzman

    Cutest baby ever? I think so 🙂 ADORABLE!

  • Astrid Sadler


  • Erika

    OMG!!! Beautiful pictures!!!! I love the blue hat feet crossed…what an absolute cutie pie- who could not love this absolutely beautiful baby boy :] :]

  • Erika

    I wish I could sleep as well as the first and/or fourth pic! He must’ve been dreaming about something good :]

  • Donna Thomas

    Such a precious baby!

  • Sharla McQuillin, aka Grandma

    The cutest baby ever, although I am probably prejudice. Ashley you were great with Jackson and the pictures are the best.

  • Sunny McQuillin

    Ashley! You’re the best – I can’t stop looking at the beautiful pictures! I love them. For those of you who weren’t at the shoot the basket pic is hilarious. He’s such a chunky monkey at 9 lbs 2 oz – he was top heavy in the basket and risked tipping it over. 🙂

  • John Cyprien

    Beautiful pictures ! Sunny I get first dibs as his modeling or sports agent .

  • Cynthia

    These are amazing! Beautiful photos and WHAT a baby 🙂 LOVE LOVE

  • sarah siripoke


  • Patricia Patterson

    He is such a cutie pie! I want to hold him!!! His eyes are beautiful!!

  • Ron McQuillin aka Grandpa

    Good Looking Boy – looks just like grandpa. He’s my bud!

  • Paula T.

    Precious, beautiful and adorable all wrapped in one. Can’t wait to meet Jackson.

  • Katrina Haeger

    I love all the fun, soft textures against his sweet newborn skin. Amazing photos.

  • Richard Collender

    Handsome young guy! G’ma can’t brag enough. Hope to see the little fella in December.

  • Rhonda Letner aka Great Auntie

    Sunny, He is a true McQuillin. So very adorable. I can hardly wait to meet him in person. The pictures are priceless. I am forwarding to my friends so they may also comment.

  • Jana Ashouri AKA Rhonda Letner’s Office Daughter

    The cutest baby I have ever seen in my life, my two favorite pictures the smiley face and the basket picture. Get ready to keep the girls away Sunny.

  • Amy Moore

    Grandma Sharla thinks you are the most beautiful baby she’s ever seen. I have to agree. Love the picture with the basket, it looks likes he’s sleeping off a hard day at the milk bar.

  • Marilyn Hobusch

    Sunny, I am such a proud great grandma. He is gorgeous and I can hardly wait to see him. Love, Nana

  • Monica Steele

    Sunny – Beautiful baby, congratulations to you and your parents.

  • Maurice LaBrie

    Jackson is handsome already. He will not mind viewing these exceptonal photos when he grows up.

  • Annie Prince

    Congratulations Miss Sunny! Your life became richer and fully the moment he was born. Enjoy every moment – and I can’t wait to see him!

  • Uncle Steve

    Hey, He looks just like me when I was that age.

  • Ann

    Hi Sunny, (I am one of Rhonda’s coworkers) Congratulations on baby Jackson! What an adorable baby boy. These are great pictures.

  • Marlie Palmer

    Jackson is beautiful! Congrats Sunny.

  • Diana Maingot

    Hi Sunny, I’m a friend of your Auntie Rhonda but wanted to say Jackson is adorable!!! Best of luck

  • Sue Cyprien

    Michaelangelo would have used this beautiful baby boy as a model…Well done Sunny Rae!

  • lorie palmer

    Wow! I think that is the cutest newborn I have ever seen! Such beautiful pictures!!!!!!

  • Sunny McQuillin

    Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful comments! He’s a sweetie. 🙂

  • Bif Letner

    Hi Sunny, He looks just like Grandpa McQuillin. No wonder he is Uncle Ron’s little bud. Congratulations.

  • Paula Poe

    Sunny, these pics are absolutely adorable. I think my fav is the “light blue knit hat!” What’s up with that being so dang precious! The white hat is also a keeper. Pictures are adorable and capture such great first moments. I absolutely cannot wait to see him. You’ve got grandparent central here to watch over you guys! CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Priceless! XO Jim and Paula Poe

  • Faye Loof

    Gorgeous baby and the pictures are just fantastic, adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michelle Nelson

    Sunny, he’s beautiful!! The pictures are so so so cute!! Congrats to you and your family! Love the Grandma and Grandpa too!

  • Michelle Nelson

    He’s absolutely adorable Sunny! Wonderful pictures too! Congrats!

  • Lisa Barkemeyer

    Jackson is absolutely precious and so so beautiful. He looks like he came right out of an Anne Geddes book. Grandma must be just loving this! Enjoy this incredible gift.