Pregnancy Photography – Sung – Ashley McNamara Photography

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful and VERY pregnancy, Sung in amazing Chinatown. I just love all the textures and colors you can find in just one square block. Sung was such a trooper hiking up and down hills for our session. I know it wasn’t easy! Enjoy your sneak peek, Sung!

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  • Ohh I LOVE these! I really love the one looking up from the ground to her belly. So cute!

  • Anna

    Beautiful shots of Sungie! I especially love the one leaning against the lamppost…

  • Karin W.

    Great photos! Beautiful color. Wonderful memories for Sung!

  • sarah siripoke

    awesome collection! 🙂

  • kim

    I love the looking up from down below shot! The brick one makes you look like a very well dressed, very pregnant panhandler! You just need a cardboard sign! LOL 🙂

  • RYAN K (the hubby)

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful woman! Love the one of Sung looking down at her belly!

  • Great pictures Sung… I really like the locations around the city

  • Amelia Kesee

    You look so cute!!!!!

  • Rina

    What lovely pictures of Sung! I love the lighting and the colors 🙂

  • sharon

    Beautiful pregnant friend. No surprise!

  • Amy Mehdizadeh

    I’ve never seen a mama look so amazing! and I love the SF Chinatown background. Beautiful photos – definitely a keepsake to cherish forever!

  • T

    You’re right about the textures of Chinatown, but Sung is also positively glowing! Beautiful!

  • Jennifer C

    Sung, you look absolutely wonderful! These are awesome – what a treasure they will be for years to come!

  • Joanne & Nate

    Brings new meaning to Sex-y in the City! Sung, you look beautiful – these are moments to cherish.

  • jason

    how amazing!

  • Aisha Mays

    These are really beautiful!! How creative. I love the colors too! I cant’ wait to see them framed Sung!

  • Aina

    Love the two sitting poses & the belly flash. You look wonderful Sungie.

  • Tiff

    Who knew the radiance of a glowing pregnant woman could overpower the textures, colors and complexity of Chinatown!? You’re beautiful, Sungie, inside, outside and forward! =)

  • sheila perry

    Sung you look beautiful in your city.Sheila

  • Marion Leff

    Love the umbilical shots!
    And Pole supporting, rather than dancing.
    Very cool pictures.

  • Rachel

    lovely, relaxed, colorful!

  • Janet

    Sung looks stunning and gorgeous. Love the one against the red bricks in Chinatown. Congratulations!

  • Charles

    Love the pics, can’t wait to meet the baby.

  • melissa hubiak

    love these! beautiful!

  • Nicole

    Hey pretty mama…I agree with Ryan…love the photo of you looking down at your unborn baby….so tender and loving.

  • Mimi

    You look amazing!!!!!!

  • Lana

    Outie or Innie? And the lamp post shot is definitely sweet:)

  • Joe V

    These are truly amazing photos. I love the colors and Sung, you look amazing and so happy!

  • Lydia

    My cousin is SO BEAUTIFUL! The first one on the steps is my favorite 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Sung, you are gorgeous, as always!!!

  • Chris K

    Great pics Sung!

  • My two faves are the bare belly and the one looking up from below. But all compliment the gorgeous mama to be!

  • Laura K

    You look great! I wear my wedding ring on neck too! 🙂

  • Jon

    Great Sung!!! You look great!

  • Tina

    What a hot mama!

  • helena

    Beautiful pictures. The colors are amazing.

  • Catherine Choi

    Stunning pictures! Love the vibrant colors. Sung– you look amazing! Can’t wait!:)

  • merry groves

    Sung!!! You look amazing!

  • Michelle

    You look amazing and more beautiful than ever!

  • Sylvia

    You look great Sung!

  • Carol Callahan

    Welcome to Motherhood cousin! Get ready for the roller coaster ride…Love You

  • Nicholas

    You look beautiful, Sung! But, don’t fall asleep next time!!!^^

  • So beautiful!

  • Peter

    Looking good!